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For special needs students and teachers throughout the world to receive access to sustainable technology and educational tools.


We empower persons with disabilities by implementing access to repurposed assistive technology in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the globe.

Nika realizes the power of technology to transform education for all students. By implementing modern tools that give every student the ability to respond and interact, we change how our teachers deliver educational content. Through our mission, we are shifting away from the traditional paradigm of repetition and pen and paper in order to reveal what is possible for diverse learners and needs.

nika: /ni*ke/ verb; Zulu for “to give, to supply”

Nika began our journey with the beautiful Zulu people of South Africa. During our first project at the Khulani Special Needs School in KwaZulu Natal, we saw how introducing modern technology to teachers and learners with limited resources and experience with these tools transformed their education.

We aim for independence as we work with communities and the resources they have available. The Nika Project respects these communities and builds relationships of trust, transparency, and collaboration around the globe.  

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In the summer of 2013, a couple of special educators made a journey to KwaZulu-Natal, a rural area of South Africa with one goal in mind: to bring some modern technology tools and strategies to see how this might change the face of education for special needs children. The trip was a huge success from overwhelming stateside support from generous donations and tech drives to implementation in the classroom across the globe! This initial experience taught us how needed and possible this project is!

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