Nika Brings Assistive Technology Training Session to Bali

Nika is excited to be returning to Bali, Indonesia for our 3rd trip working with beautiful schools and amazing and inspirational parents, teachers, and students.  Bali is filled with such wonderful, loving people and we are blessed to be able to bring Nika to some outstanding schools providing educational and communication environments for special needs students.  Our schools are:

Sjaki-Tari-Us School

Yayasan Widya Guna

Last year, Nika conducted an all-day training with all of these schools – their teachers and therapists.  We introduced mobile technology tools to them for the first time and worked in creating digital books and social stories, creating vocabulary and literacy activities, and customizing communication systems for teaching and student response.  We were so impressed with these teachers – their immediate ability to incorporate these tools into their teaching.  By using photos and videos, these educators made meaningful and transformative activities for their students.  Nika keeps in touch with this school regularly to continue to collaborate on ideas!

Nika is excited to return this summer to these wonderful schools along with San Francisco State grad students from the Project Building Bridges program – an AAC training program that focuses on multi-cultural diversity and AAC.  We will be bringing additional devices to use for communication with all the students in these schools.  We will be excited to update everyone on the results!

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