Nika Featured in Nigeria News Documentary for Assistive Technology

Our project in Nigeria was beyond all of our expectations as we were able to capture the attention of the wife of the President of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari and her foundation, Future Assured, to advance education throughout the entire country of Nigeria.  Starting as a pilot project in Abuja, Nika worked directly with over 20 schools in the regional area in providing technology tools and training to over 1,000 teachers and support staff.  We started with three of the government schools specifically designed for students with special needs:  The Abuja School for the Handicapped, the School for the Blind and the School for the Deaf.  This intervention showed us that in a short 3 days, we were able to introduce modern technology tools to enable teachers and students to create curriculum, communicate, and teach at a much deeper level of understanding.  The results were astonishing and inspirational and gave us an excellent indication of the possibilities of elevating education in this area.

See a video of these extraordinary schools!

Soon the word about our visit spread to the regional area and beyond.  Thanks to the support of the National Nigerian news, we were highlighted each evening with a segment on what was starting to happen.  On our final day of training, over 500 teachers and educational support groups came to a large-scale workshop, clearly sending a message to the wonderful group at Future Assured that the special needs community is strong and proud and wanted their voices to be heard!

In a short week, The Nika Project not only transformed special education in those schools with the most severe needs but will return in February to open the first technology center to serve all students in education in all of Abuja.  We are proud and honored to be a part of radical change for special education in all of Nigeria.  We can’t wait to see this project grow as we continue to move the ball forward…

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